Recent Publications

Alexandre R. Scarcioffolo, Fernanda F.C. Perobelli, and Ariaster B. Chimeli (2018). “Counter-factual comparisons of investment options for wind power and agricultural production in the United States: Lessons from Northern Ohio.” Energy Economics, 74: 299–309. Download

Alexandre R. Scarcioffolo, and Xiaoli L. Etienne (2019). “How connected are the US regional natural gas markets in the post-deregulation era? Evidence from time-varying connectedness analysis.” Journal of Commodity Markets, 15, p 1-8. Download

Joshua Hall, John Levendis, and Alexandre R. Scarcioffolo (2020). “The Efficient Corruption Hypothesis and the Dynamics between Economic Freedom, Corruption, and National Income.” Journal of Developing Areas, Tennessee State University, College of Business, vol. 54(3), pages 161-175. Download

Alexandre R. Scarcioffolo, Shishir Shakya, and Josh Hall (2020). “The Political Economy of Vermont’sAnti-fracking Movement.” Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice (In Press).

Papers Under Review

“Regime Switching in the Energy Market Volatility: The Role of Economic Policy Uncertainty” (with Xiaoli Etienne) - Submitted at Energy Economics. Download

Working Papers (drafts available upon request)

“Testing directional predictability between energy prices: A cross-quantilogram analysis” (with Xiaoli Etienne)

“Road Hogs: Historic Hog Density, Present-DaySlaughterhouses, and Heavy Truck Traffic” (with Ben Blemings and Margaret Bock)

“The Political Economy of Vermont’s Abortion Bill” (with Shishir Shakya and Elham Erfanian)

“Impact of DaVita on the California Proposition 8, Referendum” (with Shishir Shakya and Tuyen Pham)

Other selected publications

Alexandre R. Scarcioffolo (2019). GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History, by Diane Coyle (Princeton press). The Review of Regional Studies, v.49, n.1, pp.173–182. 2. Download

Alexandre R. Scarcioffolo, and Xiaoli L. Etienne (2019). Past, Present, and Future of the U.S. natural gas market: Lessons for Brazil. Opinion article, FGV Energia Download